domenica 31 agosto 2014

What ist Visual Literacy

BRIAN KENNEDY, Director, Toledo Museum of Art

Art is a language, a form of communication.
Everything we see is an image

Visual literacy:
  • in a media-driven, image-saturated culture is imperative to broaden our scope of what it means to be "literate".
  • visual literacy is the ability to construct meaning from everything we see. "It´s not a skill. It uses skills as a toolbox. It´s a form of critical thinking that enhances your intellectual capacity" (Brian Kennedy)
  • visual literacy is the process of sending and receiving messages using images
  • intermediality-combined literacies are needed to read in a multi-media world
  • IVLA (International Visual Literacy Association)  
  • A visually literate person can read and write visual language, can examining the social impact of visual images. Visual literacy enables discussion of their purpose, audience and ownership and the ability to visualize internally.
The use of every type of media has increased over the past 10 years, with the exception of reading.

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